Committed expert partners, offering solutions at every step.
Committed expert partners, offering solutions at every step.


To become the best tech company in the country and the world, building multiple diverse products and services, having exceptionally talented and passionate people with down-to-earth attitude and humility.

Quality statement

Work excellence is our basic principle whereby we provide our internal and external customers with innovative products and services that satisfy them. Quality is the job of everyone.

People Statement

We believe in providing people the opportunities to succeed in their chosen career path. Our mission is to empower every employee to realize their potential and maximize it, enabling them to achieve excellence.

A walk through the past decade

With a splash of passion and a dash of an idea, started as a one-man consultancy firm working in the healthcare domain.

Employees are a gift
Our purpose comes to life through our core values


Quality is our only branding. Growing in excellence matters more to us than growing in numbers.

Diversity and inclusivity

We endorse diversity and off-beat ideas. Only merit matters, no preference against any background, economic status, caste, creed, gender, geographical location, or religion.


No special need to toot your bugle over here. Be respectful towards anyone and everyone, always - in any medium.

Transparency and honesty

It's a two-way street. At-will employment, we are firm on doing what is right, not necessarily pleasing. Positive feedback is good but negative - even better!


Good ideas or anything that adds value - are welcome onboard! We have a flat hierarchical structure as we believe in treating everyone equally. We have curated equal opportunities for every talent to grow and prosper.


Mentors or supervisors will be assigned to you. Usually, you will be part of a small high-functioning team of collaborators. (and not competitors!)

Unique Values
Play, as a team
Build with heart and balance
Be the change you seek
Our Leaders


Executive Director

15+ years of experience in building AI for various successful and innovative products. Believes in working cohesively with the team while carrying the courage to make tough decisions. Great to work with, innovative, never misses the mark and loves to play badminton.


Executive Director

Domain expert in Computer Networking, Distributed Systems, and Large-scale Software Infrastructure. Strives toward building a high-performance team under his technical leadership and an agile environment with an ever-evolving approach. Loves gardening, traveling, reading books, and cooking as much as he loves to code.

Our Core Team

Nirav Patel

Chief Executive Officer

Jayendra Parmar

Chief Technology Officer

Falak Shah

Chief Machine Learning Officer

Jignesh Padsumbiya

Chief Operations Officer

Hardik Prajapati

Chief Informatics Officer

Sahil Patel

VP - Software Engineering

Dhaval Patel

VP - Software Engineering

Our Leads

Amit Agrawal

Delivery Manager

Akash Shah

Technical Lead

Meet Desai

Technical Lead

Bhagyesh Vikani

Technical Lead

Ridham Sagathiya

Technical Lead

Tushar Gadhiya

Technical Lead

Prathmesh Madhu

Technical Lead

Focus Areas


Our small, focused teams work on various disciplines to help build tech that creates a high impact on society. Many AI and machine learning specialists from diverse cultures come together to find solutions to real problems.


We move out of the comfortable inside-the-box thinking to build radical solutions. Our team promotes counterintuitive learning by iterating over the motto: “Experiment, learn, repeat”. We encourage honesty and diligence because breakthroughs come with people and not just an idea associated with them.


Diversity brings the highest amount of engagement in our workspace, keeping the motivation amongst our employees to the maximum.

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